Sunset Park Gazebo

Included as part of Bayfront Park, or Development Area #1 within the City’s 1985 Tax Increment Financing and Development Plans, this roadside park is situated on top of the bluffs that separate Bayfront Park from US-31. It provides outstanding views of Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay and of Bayfront Park below. Because its primary purpose is for a scenic vista, the park amenities focus on providing areas for viewing and other passive recreation purposes.

*Any reservation for a WEDDING or WEDDING RECEPTION must be for the entire day (9am to 9pm/dusk). Any reservation that does not meet this requirement is subject to cancellation.

**Tents are not permitted in any park areas unless they are weighed down. No staking is allowed.*

***Mobile Food Vendors MUST be licensed with the City and approved for this reservation in order to operate on public property. Please contact Sarah Bek if you are using a mobile food vendor for your event.**


**$25.00 cancelation fee if canceled 5 or more days prior to reservation. If canceled 4 or fewer days prior to reservation no refund will be issued.

Facility Type City
Address Line One Sunset Park
Address Line Two
City, State, Zip Code Petoskey, MI 49770
Capacity 50
Monday All Day
Tuesday All Day
Wednesday All Day
Thursday All Day
Friday All Day
Saturday All Day
Sunday All Day